Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Karma & Shadow Need a Home by Friday!

[UPDATE / 8-31-2007 Karma and Shadow have a new home... See comments for details... ]

This post is from a fellow animal rescuer not directly affiliated with O'Bryonville Animal Rescue. If you are interested in adopting either Karma or Shadow (preferably both!) please contact Pamela at ASAP! These pets will apparently be taken to a kill shelter on Friday.


Our next-door neighbors are taking their beautiful little dog Karma to the kill shelter on Friday because they now have a baby and are no longer willing to take care of the little dog. Karma is four years old, spayed, about 22 pounds (I'm guessing) and just a lovely girl. She is housebroken, gets along with cats, has been fine with the baby (who is now nine months) loves people, and knows a lot of very cute tricks. She rarely barks, occasionally howls if she hears a noise, walks great on a leash, and has a very sweet temperament. She is pretty much the perfect pet other than that she sheds. A family member of the neighbors originally adopted her from a shelter and had her for a year or so, then the boyfriend came back from Iraq and said he was going to shoot Karma. My neighbors, who were looking for a dog to adopt anyway, adopted her. Karma loves these people but of course that doesn't matter to them, at least not enough to keep her.

Karma did have a couple of seizures about a year ago, but has not had any since. As you know, this is not uncommon and it seems to have just been one of those things. She is on no medication and has no other medical problems.

I have attached a picture of Karma. Shadow, the cat, is also in the picture. I think he's around 7, he is a 4-paw declaw, and uses the litterbox. Very nice cat. They want to get rid of him too (he is not yet scheduled for the pound but will be soon) so if anyone is interested, he is also available

Thanks for any help you can provide. If anyone is interested in either of these two wonderful animals, please have them e-mail me and I can arrange an introduction. Karma definitely needs someone who will commit to her forever because this is probably her third home (through no fault of her own) and I think she is going to be devastated when she is abandoned by her current owners. I simply do not know what will happen to this sweet, sensitive dog if they take her to Hamilton County. Please spread the word and thank you!

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Dolf said...

Dear All,

I just wanted to let everyone know that Karma and Shadow are NOT going to the kill shelter. Thanks so very much to all of you and your fantastic networking! I so appreciate the overwhelming response I received regarding these two animals. The owners found a last-minute home for Shadow but just didn’t tell me – we can only hope that his future will be a happy one. I am introducing Karma to a woman tonight who received the original e-mail and is very, very interested. I spoke with her at length last night and was very impressed with her. She sounds exactly like the miracle I was hoping for.

So…I hope it’s a match for this woman and Karma but if not, Karma will go into a rescue group. Several stepped right up to the plate to help her even though they already have a lot of animals they are trying to place.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who tried to help Shadow and Karma. You are all heroes and thanks again for serving as the voices for a little dog and cat who were humbly awaiting their fate.

Peace and Blessings,