Monday, October 15, 2007

O.A.R. Classifieds / Abandoned Columbus Kittens Need Home by October 22nd!

I found these two cats huddled up together in the parking lot against the concrete cub in the Prairie oaks metro park (prairie view picnic area, the part where the playground is) yesterday (10/11/07). They seem very healthy but have fleas. Some how, because of there good condition, I get the feeling that they had just been dropped off. they are afraid of being outside so I they have not been living in the park, these are NOT feral cats. There is a male and a female. The female is shy, but allows people to handle her, she is very passive. The male is extremely friendly and affectionate.

Unfortunately, I myself am allergic to cats. But I just feel very compelled to try to find a home for these two. I was very shocked and dismayed when I called the park rangers about these cats and they told me that they could take them but only would take them to the humane society which would immediately euthanize them, and charge the rangers $80 per cat for this “service” it seems such a shame for such nice looking and sweet kittens, that they would not even give them a chance for a home.

Please try to help find a home for these to sweet and deserving cats! Also, I am leaving the country for a trip to India October 22nd so I need to find them a home ASAP!!!!! Thank you for being wiling to send this message out to all your resources!!!

Please contact Rasa ASAP at (614) 870-2461 or if you are interested! There are more pics of the kittens available at Flickr.

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