Tuesday, November 6, 2007

O.A.R. Classifieds / Valentino Needs a Home

Valentino was named for his extremely loving nature. He is a beautiful, good-natured cat who deserves all the attention he craves. He is a 7 year-old neutered, front-declawed, long-haired indoor cat with a multi-colored coat. We have always kept him indoors and he has not been exposed to any outside animals. This cat is a softie who loves to curl up with you on the couch. He is more like a dog than a cat in many ways. We adopted him from a rescue, but we have figured that he is mostly (if not all) Maine Coon.

His hair never gets mats, so he does not require any more gromming than a short haired cat. Around 2 years ago, he developed a bowel issue. At the time, our options were to either put him to sleep or have very expensive surgery to cure him. We love him so much that we decided to pay for the surgery. It was a great success and he is as healthy as can be. He does not require any special food, although we feed him diet Iams because he is a large cat who loves his food.

Unfortunately, the past year has brought about several changes in our lives that have made Valentino unhappy. We had a baby and have work that requires business travel, so are just unable to give him all the attention he needs. Our other cat has also gotten aggressive towards him. This is such a difficult decision for our family. I'm tearing up as I write this ad.

Please contact Sarah at 513-573-6073 if you are interested in loving this cat as much as we have.

All applicants will be thoroughly screened. Vet reference is required.

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