Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three Gray Kittens Need A Thanksgiving Miracle!

12/10/2008 Update: Well it didn't happen on Thanksgiving but it happened nonetheless! These kittens found good homes. Thanks to those who adopted them.

I brought in a stray mother cat in September from outside so that she could have her kittens in a safe place.

October 9th she had 7 healthy happy babies. I have been able to find homes for the mom and four of the kittens but I have three who DESPERATELY need loving homes.
All I can say is they are totally lovable, very sweet, and need LOVING homes.

I can't keep them. I have several cats myself that I've rescued in the past and kept as pets. Currently they are living in my small bathroom in my house. I live in Covington Ky. I'd certainly keep them if I could, but I just cannot afford them (Dr bills, food, litter etc).

11-28-2007 Update...

I wanted to update you on the kittens. We had mama and the two kittens checked out on Saturday and they are FIV/FLV free, and growing according to schedule.

I haven't had any inquiries on them yet though. :(


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