Wednesday, April 2, 2008

O.A.R. Classified / Mother Cat & Kittens in Danger, Southern Ohio | Midway Mini Mart (Sunoco gas station)

Mother Cat & Kittens in Danger, Southern Ohio....

A mother cat and her first litter are begging from passer-bys at a gas station.

And she’s pregnant again and is ready to deliver at ANYTIME.

This situation is about 30 miles south of Columbus at a gas station on 71

The station is called the Midway Mini Mart (Sunoco gas station), 13458 Route #38, South Solon, Ohio 43151.

The station is right off of Interstate 71.

* Toby Franks
* Feral Friend, NE Ohio

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Anonymous said...

i like this cat is very cute if i could have this cat i would keep him or her forever