Tuesday, October 7, 2008

O.A.R. Success Stories / Maximus

Hi everyone!

I wanted to tell you that I'm doing great here with my new family. I never knew how much fun living with dogs and kids could be!! As you can see from my photos….I have changed the sleeping arrangements around the house. The two chocolate labs have had to resort to the couch now that I'm here! I'd also like to tell you that little Ava (the one year old) is keeping me nice and full by sharing her great treats in the morning. She plays with me and calls me "kitty" and even occassionally gives me kisses (see photo below). She lets me play with her toys too!! I now sleep with my new Mom in her bed every night and curl up next to her face and purr. She doesn't even mind when I wake her up at 4 am biting her nose to let her know I'm ready to eat! Nala (the other kitty living her) still doesn't care too much for me. She has stopped hissing but still tends to throw a paw out at me if I get to close. I caught her off guard one night and curled up next to her. She seems quite happy with that until she woke up and found out it was ME and not her brother who died. I think I'll grow on her….I try playing with her as much as I can. Sometimes she just ignores me but other times she chases me all over the house! Logan and Bailey (the labs) don't mind me being here either. I think they even LIKE me because I cuddle up next to them on the couch! There's always room for one more, right??! I went to see my new Doctor the other day and he said my heart sounds just fine. No murmur like that other Doctor thought she heard. Mom says I would make a great pirate for halloween with an eye patch over my closed eye! My new Doc says that eye looks great too.

I wanted to tell you all that I'm happy, healthy and very loved with my new family. I wanted to also share some new pictures with you. Please tell everyone hello for me. I'll let you know when Mom is ready for "just one more" furball in the house!! So far she's only lost one leather dining chair due to my love of climbing on things. She said it was ok since there are 5 more chairs to choose from at the table. I'm still learning right??

Maximus (aka Amos the one eyed cat)

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