Monday, November 9, 2009

OAR Classifieds / Bella Needs a Home!

[Update! 11-18-2009 / Bella has a great new home! Thanks to all who were interested...]

Bella is a beautiful petite young lady with semi-long solid black hair.

The vets estimated her to be 1-2 years old. She has greenish eyes, and she is wonderfully affectionate with everyone she meets. Our neighbors have been helping us to foster her, and she does fine with their 4-year-old daughter. She also seems fine around other cats and dogs, but she doesn't like traveling in the car.

Bella is fully litter-trained, of course, and she is much more interested in people than food! She loves to cuddle, and she's a truly easy cat! Bella has been spayed, given her Rabies shot, de-wormed, and treated for fleas. She's all ready for a great new home.

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