Friday, December 18, 2009

Buddy Desperately Needs a Foster Home!

Buddy is an FIV+ cat who doesn't get along too well with other animals. His rescuer is desperately trying to find a permanent home for him, but for now she needs a foster home. If she doesn't find something for him VERY soon, his time may be up due to circumstances in her home. If you can help or know someone who can help, please contact Maureen ( or 513-861-6347) immediately.

Buddy is a great cat except for his attitude towards other pets.
He is an affectionate lap cat and he rubs up against toddlers and loves children.

Visit for more info about Buddy.

· I always feel better after a purring, petting session. He sits in my lap for an hour+. Playful jumper

· Affectionate with children, Greets guests

· Lovable 2 year old, neutered male,

· Litter, scratch post trained

· Indoor only, vaccinated, ID chip

· Does not get along with other cats

· Healthy, FIV,

· Comes with a future vet care credit

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