Thursday, June 10, 2010

OAR Success Story / Mel & Pete

I am a regular volunteer at the shelter.  When Melrose and Piedmont came to the shelter, they had to be kept separate from the rest of the cats, because they had come from an FIV-positive colony, and it would take some weeks to make sure they tested negative.  Since they were still young--about 5 months old--I hated to see them stay in a small pen for that time, so I decided to foster them at my home. When it was time for them to be re-tested, I returned them to the shelter.  They tested negative, and were ready to be adopted. 
However, when the only person interested in them  wanted only one kitten, I could not stand it, and they came back with me to their "forever home".  As this picture shows, it is great to be able to keep two siblings together.  Needless to say, they are an absolute delight, and my husband, who was never knowingly a "cat person", now delights in stretching out on the chaise, with both cats sleeping on his chest. They have totally enriched our lives, and are a joy each and every day. -- Susan

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