Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OAR Success Story / Nippert aka Keefe

Hello everyone at OAR!

First off, thank you all for everything you do! The process of bringing in a new cat to our home has been so easy with all of your help. It was also comforting knowing that if Keefe didn't work out I had a place to return him. Luckily Keefe has been a PERFECT fit to our home and his name was actually changed to Nippert (thanks to my husband being a big UC fan =)).

He is getting along with the cat we already had wonderfully. My older cat is still a little jealous but they are warming up to each other more and more daily. They are actually chasing each other through the house and wrestling as I'm writing this. =) Nippert is the most cuddly cat I have ever had and is constantly rubbing up against my legs to be picked up and jumping up on my lap the second I sit down. I have attached a few pictures, some of him sleeping in his weird places and a couple with his new friend. With the one in the mirror he actually climbed up over my shoulders and fell asleep while I was getting ready in the morning. Too cute. =)

Thank you again for everything! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I really appreciate everything. We love our new kitten! I will definitely be recommending your rescue whenever I hear of anyone looking for a new family addition.

Thanks again,
Rebekah T

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Anonymous said...

This is sooooooo cute!!!!!