Friday, September 9, 2011

OAR Classified / Mitzi and Eddie Need Good Homes

We are looking for homes for two indoor cats.

They are both wonderful pets but need to be adopted separately as they are not friendly with each other.

Mitzi is a female calico, declawed and about 6 yrs-old. She is a beautiful cat, but needs to be an only child. She is a lazy house cat, hides around strangers but would be great in a simple, quite environment, maybe as a companion to someone single or elderly. She is territorial and does not do well with other pets, but is fine flying solo. She seems to be drawn to ladies more than men so a female adopter would be ideal.

Eddie is a male tabby who is about 4 yrs old. Still has claws, but rarely uses them unless it’s on a scratching post. Eddie desperately wants a playful companion. Eddie would be an awesome pet if he had a playmate - particularly another male around his age who would befriend him. He also likes to cuddle.

If you are interested in adopting these cats, please contact 513-260-5450 or Interested adopter will go through a screening to ensure the right match between cat and adopter.

Matt and Erin

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