Monday, January 30, 2012

OAR Success Story / Jojo

Hello all!

I wanted to write to give you an update on Twinkle-Toes, now Josie-Toes (or just Jojo). She's doing great in her new apartment, which she graciously allows me to stay in, too. There are moments of passionate playing and running which dislodge the bathmat and make the picture frames shake, and plenty of sleeping on every soft surface in the apartment to balance it out! Josie is a real furball, and a pleasure to have curled up behind my knees every night. She likes talking to me and watching the squirrels in the tree outside my window. She had to do some visiting with cousin-cats over the holidays, which she wasn't really a fan of, so I think she'll remain an only child for the foreseeable future. However, after a week or two of hissing, she and Chelsea, the other cat in the picture, were able to sleep in the same room, which was a huge improvement. I think she's definitely glad to be home, though! Having Josie makes coming home to her wonderful after every day. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her before she got here.

Hey, Jos! Are you happy? "Mrrow" My girl is happy.

Thanks again,

Adopted September, 2011


Susan said...

She was a real sweetheart to care for at the shelter, but we are so very happy that she now has a "forever home" Hugs from Susan!

Joshua said...

She was my favorite kitty for many many months. Thank you for giving her a good home.