Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gabby's Story... The Undead Puppy!

Things are very ugly at the local animal shelter in Rushville, Ind.


Last month, assistant animal control officer Jamie Glandon discovered a puppy alive in the shelter’s freezer, four days after it supposedly had been euthanized. She says she told her boss, who ordered her to have it euthanized again. She refused and instead took the animal, a 4-month-old mastiff-shepherd mix named Gabby (left), to a vet. Later she took Gabby to a rescue group, where she’s recovering.

For her compassion, Glandon, a 26-year-old mother of four, was reprimanded and placed on paid leave.

In the meantime, a Web site has been set up to raise money for Glandon’s legal fees.

Even cooler, Gabby’s collar is being auctioned on eBay to help raise funds.

And for an excellent report on the controversy, check out Elizabeth Gist’s story in the Rushville Republican.

Read entire story at Chicago Tribune.

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