Thursday, January 3, 2008

O.A.R. Classifieds / Maxine Needs A Home

This is Maxine. She's been coming to my house for about a month now. She's been living under my deck as she has no home to go to. It's been bitterly cold outside, and I've brought her in one or two times to warm her up. She looks as though she might be about 6 or 7 months old. She seems healthy. I don't know anything about her health or where she came from, and no one in my neighborhood is claiming her, but she is a very loving cat, and she does get along (as well as expected) with other cats. She's a bit timid of dogs however. I really want to get her into a good home this winter. She deserves it. She doesn't deserve to be under my deck in freezing temperatures! No animal does!!

Please contact if you are interested in her.


All applicants will be thoroughly screened. Vet reference is required.

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