Monday, December 8, 2008

Dog Found In East Walnut Hills Near Wold Avenue

Dog Found In East Walnut Hills Near Wold Avenue! (Cincinnati, OH area)

Please contact Ted at to thoroughly identify this lost pet.


What to do if you have found a lost animal...

1. Most Important! Always make someone responding to your ad thoroughly identify the animal.

2. Place a "Found Cat" ad in the Enquirer. "Found" classified ads are free in the Cincinnati Enquirer, call 421-6300.

3. Report the animal to Wildwood Pet Network at or 513-870-0421.

4. Check out the "Lost" ads in various papers... The Cincinnati Enquirer "Lost & Found" online classifieds

5. Put up flyers in the area you found the cat and maybe a nearby Kroger, Biggs, or WalMart.

6. If you have found a pet, only give out a very general description in your ads or on your flyers. Never use a photo! Never give any specific details. Only reveal the type of pet and the location where it was found. Your ad should be no more specific than this. "Cat found in Springdale area near Showcase Cinema. Please call 555-1212 to thoroughly identify."

7. Many times people who abuse animals or sell them to research facilities respond to "found" or "free to good home" ads to get their victims. Read more... So if you feel suspicious, don't release the animal. Ask for vet records or pictures of the cat in the household as proof.

8. Take him to a vet and see if he has been micro-chipped.

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