Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OAR Success Story / Cali

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know how little Cali (all black female, nee MJ) is adjusting to life . Cali has 7 siblings. One is a male kitten Tuck, (oddly enough, Tuck’s estimated DOB was the day before Cali’s estimated DOB!), a 2 year old, a 5 year old, a 6 year old, a 7 year old and two 9 year olds. And, one skin sibling, Jonah, 5. The recent adoption of Tuck was the primary reason we wanted another kitty, and Cali is it!

Within hours of coming home (not even a week ago), Cali was the little energizer bunny. She never sat still, and the other cats, even Tuck, were a little taken aback. That might have been the status for about 24 hours. J As I expected, the kittens love to play with one another. The rest of the cats are less interested in Cali then they are Tuck (who has only been with us 2 weeks), so I am curious to see how things evolve the next month or so. All of the big cats are very gentle with Tuck and just stare at Cali as she bounds by. The introduction of the kittens has been super easy.

Cali is a big, big love bug. She crawls into our laps, then up on our chests to snuggle. She has been found asleep in my son’s bed in the am (she woke him super early with kisses two days in a row), she really wants attention. She really likes my son (and most cats/kittens seem to be cautious around little ones at first). I can’t say that I have heard her meow. I have seen her mouth open, but, I can’t hear much of anything come out. She sits in the window beds, sniffs the outside air, climbs everything , hated me trimming her nails, and really loves her food.

Thanks to the man (Dave???) that fostered her, and remind him he can call/visit us whenever he would like! Here are some photos. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for allowing us to adopt Cali!!


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