Friday, October 23, 2009

Lost Dog / Golden Female Dog (Cincinnati, near XU)

I am asking for help in finding a lost dog in the Cincinnati area, near Xavier University off exit 5 on I-71. She followed her dad in his truck as he left the house to go to Home Depot. They just moved to their new house and had only been there for 2 weeks. She and her dad were on the front porch doing some home repairs. She was sitting on the front porch as he left in the truck. She was seen running after him, but it was too late. The family searched for her until 1 in the morning. The mom goes to the local SPCA daily to see if she has been brought in as a stray. So far, she has not ended up there. I am sending this out just in case she has been given to a rescue group or if anyone has seen or heard about her as a stray. I have very few rescue folks that I know in the Cincinnati area, please help if you know of someone in the area.

She's about a 50 pound golden / spitz / collie mutt , fixed, 10 years old. Very sweet and shy, her nose is slightly pink / very light brown. She had just come from the groomers, so she was nicely clipped.

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