Monday, October 26, 2009

Lost Dog / Whippet Mix Near Cedar Lake Lane in Loveland, OH

I need help in finding my dog. His name is Hilo, he looks to be a whippet mix, and is very thin. He’s not malnourished, just a very thin build. I am not sure of his breed but he is blonde, shorthaired; stands about thigh high to a 6-foot person.

He was last seen running out of my home on Cedar Lake Lane in Loveland.

He ran off going northbound close to US 28. We’ve been to the local shelters many times and still have not turned him up.

He was wearing a collar, which was blue, and it has a phone number and his name on it. The phone on the collar does not work anymore, so it’s important to email if you’ve seen him or if you have him. He was also wearing a Harley Davidson bandana. He’s been missing since the 2nd of October. He has a brother that is missing him very much.

He’s very difficult to feed. He is timid, and scared of most people. He is a P&G rescue, has a serial number tattooed in his left ear.

We really miss him. If you have ANY information or have seen Hilo, please email me:

I will offer a reward for the return of Hilo.

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