Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OAR Success Story / Nehemiah, Ezra & Darius

Another OAR Success Story! 

Still going strong after 10 years (darius) and 11 years (ezra and nehemiah) !

* Nehemiah (bottom left, OAR name: Clifford)
* Ezra (right, OAR name Dennis the Menace)
* Darius (top, same OAR name)

From the Hatch-Tuchman family (now living in Boston)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you for being good parents and adopting. They look very happy!

Anonymous said...

I remember them! Is Darius 3-legged?

Billy Rubin said...

Darius has all four legs, although during his brief tenure in the wild he had broken the neck of one of his femur bones. The vet who did pro-bono work for OAR removed it and we figured he'd never walk completely straight, but because he was so young he grew into it and now you can't even tell which one was operated on. (Though he can't jump as high as his brothers.)

Big D, who is all of 10 pounds, sleeps with us on our king-size bed and pushes us to the edges! But he's my special guy. Glad I talked my wife into adding him to the family.

Steven Hatch