Thursday, August 5, 2010

OAR Success Story / Lily (aka Wilma)

Lily, formerly known as Wilma, has been with us 8 months now and has quickly become a treasured member of our family. Sammy, our 12 year old, has accepted her as a housemate and frequently shares his favorite spots with her. 

Lily loves to sit on a lap and have her head petted, and has become quite fond of canned food (she still requires supervision at mealtime). Lily settled into her new home as if she'd been waiting to be here for years--no adjustment anxiety whatsoever. 

She is a sweet as she can be and a joy to have with us. I just can't imagine why she spent so long without a home of her own, and now I can't imagine our home without her. Lily is helping my heart to heal from the loss of my little boy cat last October--thanks you O.A.R.!

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